March 28, 2012

Jazz Liberatorz - Clin D'oeil

˙Title: Clin D'oeil
˙Artist: Jazz Liberatorz
˙Style: Jazz, Rap, Jazz Hip-Hop
˙Released Date: 2008.01.15
˙Format: CD
˙Producer: Phantom Sound & Vision

01. Clin D'oeil
02. Ease My Mind (feat. Tre Hardson, Fat Lip And Omni)
03. I Am Hip Hop (feat. Asheru)
04. When The Clock Ticks (feat. J.Sands)
05. Genius At Work (feat. Fat Lip And T.Love)
06. Indonesia (feat. Tableek From Maspyke)
07. The Process (feat. Apani B Fly)
08. The Return (feat. Sadat X)
09. U Do (feat. Stacy Epps)
10. Cool Down (feat. Raashan Ahmad)
11. Take A Time (feat. Buckshot)
12. Vacation (feat. J.Live)
13. Speak The Language (feat. Lizz Fields)
14. Qidar (feat. Soul Clan)

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