August 21, 2016

Vanilla - Sweet Talk

˙Title: Sweet Talk
˙Artist: Vanilla
˙Style: beats, experimental, funk,
˙Released Date: September 6, 2014
˙Format: MP3

01.Free (Intro)
03.Wish You Were Here
04.Who Gets Your Love
05.Getting Over You
07.Writing On The Wall
09.Tell You
14.Real Thing
15.Falling In Love Again
16.Don't You Remember?
18.Two Way Street
19.Sweet Talk
20.Architect Music II
23.With You
24.Don't Matter
26.On My Mind
27.So Much To Me

Thomas Prime - Cult Classic Remixes

˙Title: Cult Classic Remixes
˙Artist: Thomas Prime
˙Style: jazz hip-hop,instrumental,rap
˙Released Date: August 14, 2016
˙Label: Cult Classic Records
˙Format: MP3

01. Daimyo vs Tiff the Gift (Kameleon Beats) - Cool, Calm Chill (Thomas Prime Remix)
02. Samurai Guru vs Akin Yai (DJ Low Cut) - B.C Before Crack (Thomas Prime Remix)
03. Ljones vs CYNE - Tide of Life (Thomas Prime Remix)
04. Abby Gunderson vs Cise Starr & Blu (P.R) - We Will Make It ft. Vessel (Thomas Prime Remix)
05. Moderator vs Awon & Mini Lee (Shirosky) - Chai Latte ft Kenjii (Thomas Prime Remix)
06. Black Chamber vs Vessel (Senpai) - Plastic Dolls (Thomas Prime Remix)
07. SAZ vs Awon (Kameleon Beats) - Shine (Thomas Prime Remix)
08. KAA.DDU vs MYK (Shirosky) - 5 Percenter (Thomas Prime Remix)
09. Esbe vs Jas Mace (DJ Ezasscul) - Time Passes (Thomas Prime Remix)
10. L'indecis vs Awon & Dephlow (Poldoore) - Angel Dust ft. Kenjii (Thomas Prime Remix)
11. Kanibeat vs Ahnom (Breezewax) - Missing You (Thomas Prime Remix)
12. Pe2ny vs Awon (Thomas Prime) - Intellectual Criminals ft. Mckinley Dixon & Dicap (Thomas Prime Remix)
13. xQz vs Jas Mace (The Hauser Project) - The Legend Never Dies ft. Kenjii (Thomas Prime Remix)
14. Funky DL - Clock Watchers (Thomas Prime Remix) 2016
15. Thomas Prime & Tom Pepe - Live Forever (Bonus Track) 2016