December 23, 2013

DJ Whitesmith - Impossible EP

˙Title:  Impossible EP
˙Artist: DJ Whitesmith
˙Style: Jazz Hip-Hop, Instrument
˙Released Date: Sep 26, 2013

01. Gray out
02. Xim
03. My morphine
04. Critical lost
05. Fading away with the rays

December 21, 2013

Ross McHenry - Distant Oceans


˙Title: Distant Oceans
˙Artist: Ross McHenry
˙Style:  Future, Beats Jazz Hip-Hop
˙Released Date: 2013
˙Label:  Ross McHenry

02.Living On Both Sides
03.Griffith Park
04.Distant Oceans Pt. I
05.Distant Oceans Pt. II
06.Stanley Park Dream
07.Interlude II
08.Still Life Moving Fast
09.Interlude I
10.Malmsbury Shale
12.Lights Across The Sky

Insightful - Elsewhere

˙Title: Elsewhere
˙Artist: Insightful
˙Style: Experimental Hip-hop, Instrumental
˙Released Date: 17 October 2013
˙Format: mp3
˙Label: Timeless

01.Tree Level
02.Liberate Your Luv
03.Stepping Over Hearts
06.Feel Ft. Kimberly Lola
08.How u Do
09.I Suck At You
10.She Swoons Ft. Jessica Cook

Luviia - vibes in the village


˙Title: vibes in the village
˙Artist: Luviia
˙Style: Jazz Hip-Hop, Beat
˙Released Date: 01 November 2013

01. hookedon
02. welove(again)
03. idream
04. beware
05. fly away
06. slipped
07. village wind
08. fastlife (ft. Bugseed)

Base in Taiwan
Shout out for Luviia 

RF - Relation

˙Title: Relation
˙Artist: RF  
˙Style: Jazz, Soul, Instrument
˙Released Date: April 2011
˙Format: mp3
˙Label: Timeless

01. I'll Still Love You
02. Sexy Woman
03. Save Our Children
04. Question Of Faith
05. Trinkets & Things
06. A Procura Da Batida Perfeita
07. Talkin' All That Jazz
08. From The Bottom Of My Heart
09. Acalanto
10. High & Dry