January 04, 2012

Robert De Boron - Mellow Candle

˙Title: Mellow Candle
˙Artist: Robert De Boron
˙Style: Rap, Jazz Hip-Hop, Rap, Mellow
˙Released Date: 2012.01.11
˙Format: CD
˙Producer: GOON TRAX

01.Home feat. (Tunji)
02.Shine a Light Pt.2 (Let's Love) (feat. Awa & Oldwun)
03.The Long And Winding Street
04.Billy The Kid (feat. Mr. J Medeiros)
05.Reality Unseen (feat. Othello)
06.Shine a Light Pt.3 (One Mistake) (feat. Awa & PNC)
07.Chiru (Saisei No Uta)
08.Forever (feat. Stacy Epps & MO)
09.Beautiful World (feat. Taro Miura from HO17)
10.Change (feat. J. Sands, Madness, Tislam The Great & Shuanise) (Album ver)
11.Walk On (feat. MO & Kitano Shuka) (Album ver)
12.Mellow Candle


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