January 22, 2012

Moonbeam - The Secret

˙Title: The Secret
˙Artist: Moonbeam
˙Style: Trance, Progressive House, Chill
˙Released Date: 2011.09.22
˙Format: CD
˙Producer: Moonbeam Digital

01. Secret (feat. Tomomi Ukumori)
02. I Love Your Face (feat. Fisher)
03. Ghost
04. In Your Eyes (feat. Blackfeel Wite)
05. Disappearance (feat. Avis Vox)
06. Wanderer (feat. Matvey Emerson)
07. Mipmap
08. Daydream (feat. Leusin)
09. Hills Folded In Mist (feat. Loolacoma)
10. Sensitivity (feat. Tomomi Ukumori)
11. Excess (feat. Pryce Oliver)
12. Hidden Place

A little bit cold, a little bit chilly.
Moonbeam, the music from Russia.


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