January 08, 2012

Kinack - Ondas

˙Artist: Kinack
˙Style: Jazz Hip-Hop, Mellow, Electronic instrumental
˙Released Date: 2012.01.07

Kinack , who is a Trip-Hop/Downtempo producer from Denver, CO. He has been playing music for years and producing for the last year...

over the course of which he has put together an album and released on Jan 7. He said"It's been a long and very fulfilling journey, but I know it's not nearly over." His style is natural, flowing and almost solely instrumental, very similar to the style of Emancipator, who is his greatest influence. Other producers inspired include Quantic, Bonobo, Nujabes, Massive Attack, and Thievery Corporation, among many more. This last year he spent traveling to other countries to make music, including Spain, Argentina and Chile, through each of which he gained inspiration and perspective for his life. Now he returned  to Colorado, and I hope everyone can show some love to him.



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