July 04, 2011

Woong San with DJ Okawari - Fly With Me

˙Title:  Fly With Me
˙Artist: Woong San(웅산 ), DJ Okawari
˙Style: 발라드 (Ballad), Jazz Pop
˙Released Date: 2011.06.01
˙Format: CD
01. Fly With Me
02. Fly With Me (English Ver.)

由兩位不同國籍的音樂家共同合作的Collaboration Project Single Vol.1 [Fly With Me],分為兩種版本,分別為韓語和英語,韓語的咬字和發音更是帶著不同的Jazz Pop魅力。Woong是韓國有名的爵士女伶,日籍的DJ Okawari更是以獨特的大自然嘻哈風在日本佔有一席之地,也是因為他才讓我聽見了Woong的好聲音,之後還會再多多關注。

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  1. Lyric (English version)

    Even though morning sunlight poured and covered whole my body
    I can't find you left me it caused sadness deeply in my heart

    Your scent lingered on me it chilled me to the bone
    it wafted through the air oh you're my poison

    In dazzling sun, all of our memory is shattered
    I wanna run to you and hold you and i wanna say i need you

    morning till the night, I pray you come back to me
    far away far away far away far away you recede further and further

    (Plz) come on and fly with me
    come on and fly with me
    come on and fly with me
    come on and fly with me