July 12, 2011

Shirosky - The Orbit


˙Title:  The Orbit
˙Artist:  Shirosky
˙Style: Jazz Hip Hop, Rap
˙Released Date: 2010.11.17
˙Format: CD
˙Producer: Triment Factory

01. Intro (Announce. MYK)
02. Shirosky
03. 너에게 (feat. 김새한길)
04. Life Trail (feat. LEO KEKOA, MINI)
05. Lost Atlantis
06. Love BPM 92 (feat. Basick, Jungsshin)
07. Smooth Dream
08. Music (feat. Jean Green, Xyuna)
09. Peacemaker (feat. TiMeWiNe)
10. Solar Return
11. 너에게 (Inst.)
12. Outro (Announce. Bliss-J)

"The First Female Jazz Hip-Hop Musician/Producer in the Republic of Korea."

Shirosky is awesome!  The rhythm and beat are good. It's hard to imagine she was only 22 years old when she released this album in 2010. Most of Jazz Hip-Hop music are come from the U.S or Japan so it's rare to have the chance to contact with Korean music.
This album gives me smooth feeling and I'm very impressed. That's why I want to share this album to you guys, and hope you could  also feel the charm of Korea.

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