July 17, 2011

DJ Whitesmith - We All Victims

˙Title:  We All Victims (世界基準のファーストアルバム)
˙Artist:  DJ Whitesmith
˙Style: Abstract, Downtempo, Electronic
˙Released Date: 2011.04.06
˙Format: CD
˙Producer: Frail Records

01. The Great Collapse (Intro)
02. Piano In The Dark
03. Missing Day's Music feat. Speech Debelle, Stac
04. The Delta (Album Ver.)
05. Yes feat. Manafest
06. Algernon Supernova
07. DIA feat. Melodee
08. Detoxify Mad
09. Homare feat. Shing02
10. KIEL
11. The Defender feat. Nanorunamonai, Meiso
12. Gio (for HIMEYURI)
13. Gone
14. Rumina (Saga Ver.) (Bonus Track)
15.Street Symphony No.2

Dj Whitesmith, a Trackmaker, comin’ at ya wit divine beats. My hiphop music is a part of a emotion which everyone has. Loneliness, sadness, disappointment, misery, hapiness, joy... They all come from our life or streets. That’s why you cannot ignore my music. My music always stay by you, to be stronger, to be independent, to love youself more... This is the Emotinal HipHop.
Words by: DJ Whitesmith

"I want to share with them and remind them what happened to me as a child I was the victims of world. But I can learn and help them to understand that we have to move on and learn how to forgive and we blessing,helping another people."

I think it is the ideal world in DJ Whitesmith's mind. He has a lot of things to say and make us know. His music are always filled with strong beats and  powerful feelings. You can feel he has a heavy sense of mission and responsibility of the world. The gravity of human body, the sense of love,  anti-war movement, sadness, loneness...this album shows he cares about humanity.

I would say it's not the casual album and some people may think the rhythm are a little too heavy and depressive. Nevertheless, fans of this kinds of genres are giving high rating to it and "Zooooo.jp" called this is " world-class " album. So let's listen up!

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