July 05, 2011

The Shanghai Restoration Project - Special Edition

˙Title:  The Shanghai Restoration Project  Special Edition
˙Artist:  DJ Dave Liang
˙Style: Electronic, Jazz Pop, Experimental, Lounge 
˙Released Date: 2007.03.06
˙Format: CD
˙Producer: Undercover Culture Music

01. Introduction (1936) 簡介
02. Nanking Road 南京路
03. Shanghai Express 上海快車
04. Jade Buddha Temple 玉佛寺
05. Peace Hotel (What is Love) 和平飯店
06. Miss Shanghai 上海小姐
07. Lu Xun (Watch Me Dance) 鲁迅
08. Babylon of the orient 大上海
09. Pearl Tower 明珠塔
10. Avenue Joffre 淮海路
11. The Bund 外灘
12. Old City 老城區
13. Pudong 蒲東
14. Bubbling Well Road 静安寺路
15. Jessfield Park 兆豐公園

"Boom!Boom!Boom! Traditional Chinese instruments meet modern jazz hip-hop and electronica."

這張上海復興方案真是太閃閃發亮了! 兩個不同文化交融在一起衝擊你的耳朵,非常新鮮大膽的嘗試,也可以說是一張實驗性專輯,輔發行便成為MSN Music電子專輯榜冠軍,並在美國、英國、澳洲、加拿大、歐洲以及日本iTunes電子專輯榜前20名。

方案的首腦為美國華裔製作人DJ Dave Liang,團隊的靈感觸發正是來自於1930年代的老上海樂團,同時也是這張專輯的基底。整部作品使用了中國傳統樂器如二胡、嗩吶、曲笛,再搭上爵士元素和電子玩樂、Soulful 的男女聲,構成一幅既奢糜又慵懶的上海夜景。

《Introduction(1936)》 曾被選為2007 Kenzo香水廣告主題曲,短短的1:29就將星空朦朧的曖昧感點綴了出來;《Nanking Road》由二胡領出低沉的男聲,加上 Sasha Allen靈騷高亢的嗓音,不衝突反而互相輝映;《Jade Buddha Temple》高細嗩吶聲營造了寺廟氛圍,這時Di Johnston的軟語呢喃讓人舒服放鬆;《Miss Shanghai》隨著琵琶和 DEZ的清亮聲線,隱約可以看見風姿綽約、婀娜嫵媚的她穿梭在老上海街頭( MV女主角非常符合外國人對中國女子的印象 );《Jessfield Park》 是很好玩的曲子,一個怨女 女人孤身一人的在公園裡抱怨但最後還是勉勵自己振作的故事;推薦的還有《Lu Xun》、 《Babylon in the Orient》、《Bubbling Well Road》。


"Boom! Boom! Boom!" 
What happened when Traditional Chinese instruments meet modern Jazz hip-hop and electronica? The Shanghai Restoration Project could really catch my ear, even my soul.

Can you imagine that? Two different cultures mix together and we will find that Chinese and Western culture blend in harmonic way in the end. The artist attempts to  create new manners of song, so we also could say this is a experimental album. When this project just debuted, they gained  MSN Music's "New Artist of the Week" in Jan. 2006, reaching No.1 on the site's Top 100 Electronic Albums Chart in that month. The Special Edition also gained recognition globally, rising to the top 10 in several electronic charts, such as iTunes, Amazon,  and MSN Music.

  "Old Shanghai" is the foundation of the album.The  major producer of the program is Chinese-American DJ Dave Liang, the album of old Shanghai Orchestra becomes his inspiration and help him to make up his new project. The whole work using traditional Chinese instruments such as erhu, suona, Qudi, then match jazz and electronic elements, soulful sound of men and women to create a extravagant, lazy but beautiful night light of Shanghai City.

There were several songs impressed me,  let me introduce more details to you.
The first track from the  album, "Introduction (1936)" was selected as the theme song for a worldwide TV advertising campaign for Kenzo Perfumes (a division of Louis Vuitton) in early 2007. This song only use the short period of time to embellish the hazy, and starry sky. No wonder this song would win the campaign of advertisement;
"Nanking Road" was led by the erhu, then a deep male voice approach,with Sasha Allen high-pitched and soulful voice. We can see the two vices shine and reflect each other
The Suona created a real atmosphere of the temple in "Jade Buddha Temple", and then Di Johnston's soft whisper coming in, leaving smooth and relax feeling for us
With DEZ's clear voice lines and Lute, "Miss Shanghai" could catch everyone. You seem to see the graceful, and charming woman, walking down the old street of Shanghai;
"Jessfield Park "is an interesting song, a  woman (maybe a spinster..lol) walked alone and kept complaining her mystery life, but she still encouraged herself to cheer up and find the hope again ; also recommend " Lu Xun "," Babylon in the Orient "," Bubbling Well Road ".


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