July 08, 2011

Bob42jh Presents - Expression is Priceless (2011)

˙Title: Expression is Priceless
˙Artist: Bob42jh Presents,V.A
˙Style: Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz
˙Released Date: 2011

01. When i die – Trog’low
02. Just like you – Tyler Durand
03. Mic Check – E. Reece & Core Elements
04. Count Your Blessings ft Shad – Relic
05. Memories – The Cancel
06. Flashback – Thing-one
07. I don’t know why – Kay the Aquanaut
08. No Chase No Follow – Rythmatical
09. Way Back of Sunset – Imanity
10. Can’t see the Forest – Sunzoo x Dom Mino (Evan Awake Remix)
11. Doctor Moreau – Tapwater
12. 90 East – Gavin Castleton
13. Differant Life – Danny Bow
14. Dreams of Life & Beth – The ILLZ
15. Nowhere – Intuition
16. Winter Coat – T11
17. Other Days – Black Chamber

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All praise goes to the artists who made the tracks. As always, if your song is featured in here without permission, I apologize, I’m just trying to introduce people to new artists and new sounds. People bootleg whole albums, im just trying to introduce thousands of fans to just one of your songs in the hope that if they like it, they will then go and support your full releases.
The people who download these compilations are real fans, they support artists, they import music, they go to shows and they spread the word. Hopefully you do the same!
Words by: Bob42jh

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