December 17, 2011

Mellow World

Hi, everyone.
I wanna share these great websites to you guys.
Mellow World
MrTang Lee, who has many contributions in promoting Hip-Hop, Jazz Hip-Hop and Mellow music. He is also a contact person for Digi Crates in Taiwan.
You can find the newest information and some great albums from the blog. Enjoy it.

The blog is made by Robin, he shares many genre of music, such as Jazzy Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Jazz and Pop Music. You can add him by clicking the fan page to get some good music as well, and it's on the right side of his blog. Hope you like it.

Julie &Black Musik Lovers
Julie, the girl lives in a house which is filled with Hip-hop CDs. She also provides so many great music and  news on her blog, especially for Underground Rap Artists in Taiwan.
She dedicates her heart and soul to these artists  and hopes Hip-Hop music could be developed well in Taiwan. Please show some love to her :)


部落格主-堂先生對underground音樂的推廣可以說是不遺餘,裡頭有許多專輯最新資訊介紹和下載,同時他也是Digi Crates在台的聯繫人,若是想買實體CD可以email給他唷。

iMusic (愛音樂)也是一個音樂寶庫。主要以Jazzy Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Pop Music類型為主,版主Robin經營blog有一定的時間了,自然有更多好音樂等待你去挖掘!


...To be continue

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