October 09, 2011

V.A - Mellow Orange Presents Last Resort

˙Title: Mellow Orange Presents Last Resort
˙Artist: Mellow
˙Style: Jazz Hip-hop, Rap, Electronic
˙Released Date: 2010.07.06
˙Format: CD
˙Producer: Media Factory Japan/Zoom
01. Freddie Joachim - Meditation
02. Sotu the Traveller & Aischa - Give It to Me
03. Raashan Ahmad - Cool Style
04. Vigilant - Feel Good Music (Featuring Othello)
05. M64 - Helium
06. Versis - All In
07. Green Tea - Don't Let Love Pass You By
08. Addullessence - For the Love (Featuring Braille)
09. Profile - A Night Out
10. F.A.M.E. - Authenticity
11. Jacewon - Refined Devine (Revisited)
12. Deedot - Think Twice (Featuring Navery)
13. The Black Sunn - Lady with the Green Eyes (Featuring Black Diamond)
14. Mr. Dibiase - Ballroom Swing
15. Melina Jones - Summer Breeze
16. Journey - Nothing Funny
17. Lauren Santiago - Just a Little Bit
18. MaliciousLee - Ley Lines
19. Addullessence - For the Love (Revisited) [Featuring Braille]
20. NA - The Underground

Mellow Orange Music Present "Last Resort" ep. An album inspired by artists staying true to their art form and doing what they do best. This album and its music is last resort in a world that is truly dominated by commercial/radio contemporary music. However it may also be the last resort in an effort to find a place/music that people have been waiting for... 

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