October 06, 2011

Deep Foundation & Hydroponikz - Generation ILL

˙Title: Generation ILL
˙Artist: Deep Foundation & Hydroponikz
˙Style: Rap & Hip-Hop/East Coast
˙Released Date: 2010.10.26
˙Format: MP3
˙Producer: DF, Dro & Gen ILL

01. At Your Request (feat. MC Zani & Generation ILL)
02. To The Beat (feat. Generation ILL)
03. Generation ILL
04. Ain't The Same (feat. Generation ILL)
05. Every Time (feat. Melissa Polinar)
06. Worlds Apart (feat. DJ Mike Intellect & Generation ILL)
07. You Ain't Hood (feat. Generation ILL, Bambu & Rocky Rivera)
08. Late At Night (feat. Generation ILL)
09. Never Forget (feat. Ashley Robles & Genertion ILL) (Remix)
10. A Place Called Home (2005)

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