October 02, 2011

V.A - Beautiful Field

˙Title: Beautiful Field
˙Artist: V.A
˙Style: Piano, Jazz intrumenta
˙Released Date: 2007.11.28
˙Format: CD
˙Producer: Aicube Music

01. Ayur - children of the earth (ness's original re-edit)
02. Jetbeat - dreams
03. Channel two - jazz move
04. Solime - dazzling sun
05. Quasar - love theme from spartacus
06. Five Seez - sexual for elizabeth ft. shing02 (instrumental)
07. Ben Human - scott air (travelling light mix)
08. Tranquility Bass - cantamilla
09. Lava - vem para ficar ft. wilma de
10. Ayur - i miss you
11. Little West - mugen eternal (udk remix)
12. Peppermill - cathodical mirror of human beings
13. Quasar - bird's element
14. Suburban - suburban (love2)


2pac - Baby Don't Cry (Ayur Blend)

As the name of the album, so beautiful, even can feel the breeze moves upon the field.
Leading by  Nujabes, Nomak, so many artist  were beginning to create a new genre of music based on Jazz and hip-hop beat, and we call these music "Jazz intrumentals".

 In 2007, produced by Aicube Music, the group collected many works from Japanese underground artists. We can find these artist take some classic jazz songs to be their samples ,but they tend to use more humble, profound way to remake songs.
This album is filled with amazing groove and touching melody, I think it's the essence of Jazz Hip Hop intrumenta, really high recommend it!


  1. Children of the Earth is the next song I will practice with the piano!! I've decided!! :)

  2. Emma, I LOVE YOU!
    You have introduced these type of music to me which i have never noticed before.
    I love it!