May 05, 2013

The Jazz Jousters - One Night's Stay - Nancy Wilson With The Jazz Jousters

˙Title: One Night's Stay
˙Artist: The Jazz Jousters
˙Style: Instrumental, Jazz Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Acid Jazz
˙Released Date: 17 Feb. 2013
˙Label: Millennium Jazz Music
˙Format: CD

01.Bones The Beat Head - Nancy's Lullaby
02.KNYT - Roses
03.Blue Buttonz - A Chopped Up Theme From Hotel
04.Skinnista - Stare Now
05.Ja:Kova - In This Hotel
06.Gadget - The Room
07.Es-K - Back2Basics2013
08.Jaze Baqti - Empty Room
09.RickMal - Upstreamin' 
10.SmokedBeat - Hotel (Palace In My Hearth) 
11.Pigeondust - Beat and Reality 
12.B 3 N B i - Oh, So Familia 
13.Mr. Moods - One Night At The Hotel  

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