April 30, 2013

Yusuke Hirado - Speak Own Words

˙Title: Speak Own Words
˙Artist: Yusuke Hirado 
˙Style: Jazz,  Nu Jazz
˙Released Date: 2012
˙Format: CD

01. Taxi Driver Theme
02. Umaretate No Melody (feat. bird)
03. I’m In Love
04. Against The Invisible Wall (feat. Tomoki Seto for Cradle Orchestra)
05. And Far Away
06. A House Is Not A Home (Feat. Motoharu(Soil&"Pimp"Sessions))
07. Down To The South
08. Love Will Bring Us Back Together (feat. Mabanua)
09. Spectrum
10. No More Sadness
11. Music (feat. Miyuki Hatakeyama)
12. Love Is A Losing Game

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