September 20, 2012

Berry Weight - Music for Imaginary Movies


˙Title: Music for Imaginary Movies
˙Artist: Berry Weight
˙Style: Jazz, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Downtempo
˙Released Date: December 20, 2011
˙Label:  Phonosaurus
˙Format: CD

01. Yeti's Lament   
02. Equations (Feat. Astrid Engberg)
03. The Day Nothing Happened
04. Walking By Your Side 
05. Magician's Assistant 
06. The Lotus (Feat. Astrid Engberg & ASM)
07. The Way Of The Dodo 
08. Heart Shaped Rock
09. Krakatoa 
10. Cowboys And Indians
11. Sky Below (Feat. Astrid Engberg) 

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