November 14, 2011

V.A– Nujabes Tribute: Nujabeats (rest In Beats)

˙Title:Nujabes Tribute: Nujabeats (rest In Beats)
˙Artist: V.A.
˙Style: Jazz Hip-Hop, Instrument, Rap
˙Released Date: 2011
˙Format: Mp3

01.Jordan Farr – What is Heaven Like (Intro)
02.Nojilone – Time for Reflection
03.Sergeant Jay – Interlude 1 (A Message to Jun)
04.Jordan Farr – Mystline Clarity (featuring DJRelicNJ)
05.Nojilone – Onde
06.Dj Equon – Truth Music
07.Nojilone – Movement of Time (interlude)
08.Sergeant Jay – The Music (featuring G-Boie & Jotade)
09.Dj Equon – Night And Day
10.Sergeant Jay – Nujazz lover (Nujabes Tribute)
11.Otra Cities – Standing at an Imaginary Impass
12.Dj Equon – Rest In Beats(Interlude)
13.Sergeant Jay – Counting Stars (Nujabes Tribute)
14.Dj Equon – Ocean Waltz
15.Nojilone – Walk in The Morning
16.Sergeant Jay – After Hanabi (Listen To my Last Beat)

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  1. thanks for uploading and posting our Album.
    Sergeant Jay