November 03, 2011

V.A - Libyus Music Sound History (Mix by DJ Okawari )

˙Title: Libyus Music Sound History
˙Artist: V.A, Mix by DJ Okawari
˙Style: Jazz Hip-Hop, Piano, Downtempo
˙Released Date: 2010.09.29
˙Format: CD
˙Producer: Libyus Music

01. DJ Okawari - Flower Dance
02. Dev Large the Eyeinhitae - Amiman (Meditations)
03. Chimp Beans - Menina
04. DJ Okawari - Bluebird Story (Featuring Jumelles)
05. Hazzy - A Little More
06. Tsunenori - Asunaro
07. Hazzy - Street Dreams
08. DJ Okawari - A Cup of Coffee
09. Woodblue - Lamp Reason
10. Michita - Metronome
11. Fat Jon - Just Breathe
12. Fat Jon - Maia
13. DJ Whitesmith - Haku
14. Force of Nature - Just Landed
15. Dev Large the Eyeinhitae - Libyus [Deep Sea Mix]
16. Prisma - Bird of Liberty
17. Prisma - I Got Soul (Featuring Amanda Diva)
18. Katrah-Quey - Every Moment (Featuring Analyrical) [DJ Okawari Remix]
19. Tsunenori & Hus - Lifestyles (Remix)
20. Tsunenori & Hus - Silent Miss
21. Tsunenori & Hus - Goes Around, Comes Around
22. Tsunenori - Believe That (Featuring Pismo)
23. DJ Okawari - Luv Letter

爵嘻成癮者必聽的一張!由DJ Okawari 將Libyus Music所發行的音樂裡選曲混製,
Tsunenori、Michita、Woodblue、Prisma、Hazzy、Dev Large、Force of Nature、FAT JON,
So let's wear the headphone and enjoy it!

 DJ Okawari was born in Shizuoka,  he is a DJ and  also a track maker. 
OKAWARI , in Japanese it means not satisfied. He always keeps seeking  the world and exploring something new, just like his music style.

His Hip-Hop core is the sampling "Coexistence of music and life", emphasizing  on the daily life.『The Music is Any Moments in Life』represents the sound of our life and he hopes he could capture these things and brings for his listeners. "Just feel comfort before falling asleep" dignified feeling when you listen to his album, you will have this feeling, and surprised at his capacity of creating a sound relationship between the scenes and emotions like that. Every songs is sentiment and poetic with the groove flow.

In May 2008 , he  released his first album "DIORAMA" which ahead with the Village Vanguard and has gained popularity. In the same time,this album also gained recognition, rising to several music charts in iTunes Store. After a year, the 2nd album "MIRROR" is released. He was featuring many songs with soulful female singers and elegant jazzy material in this album. This could be a symbolic meaning for mellow music that show a new horizon in Japan, and he gained the high praise became well- known in that time. From now, the category of Hip-Hop broad in  iTunes Store is still dominating the high ranking.
In 2010, Daisuke Takahashi, the man who won the bronze prize in "The Men's Figure Skating" at the Vancouver Olympics. He chose the song called "Luv Letter" in his performance and after that so many people know more about him, who is a Jazz hip hop artist in Japan and expect him to create more music for us.

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  1. This is a really nice soundtrack!
    Actually I dont listen to jazz very often, but i do like this one :)