August 17, 2011

Romantic Production - Wooo What A Jazzy

˙Title:  Wooo What A Jazzy
˙Artist: Romantic Production
˙Style: Breakbeat, Hip-Hop, Jazz
˙Released Date: 2010.07.29
˙Format: MP3, Joint Stereo
˙Producer: Second Factory

01. Stopmotion
02. Butterfly Kiss
03. I'll Still Love You
04. Funny Bee
05. Blue Shadow
06. The Hustle
07. Skip To Me Skate
08. SG-Blues
09. West Side Avenue (feat. Swiss Precise)
10. Golden Lady
11. Savannah Slamma
12. Squeezed Fresh Fruits Room
13. Eclipse
14. Ano Natsue (feat. Swiss Precise)


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