September 02, 2014

Long Arm - The Branches - Deluxe Edition

˙Title: The Branches - Deluxe Edition
˙Artist: Long Arm
˙Style: Electronic, Future, Hip-hop
˙Released Date: 14 December 2012
˙Format: MP3

01. Power Of Rain
02. The Waterfall Inside Me
03. Double Bass In Love
04. After 4AM
05. Perfect Morning
06. When Children Sleep
07. Key Door
08. The Roots
09. Dummy
10. The Branches (Instrumental)
11. Thank You
12. Blue Birds Red Flowers (Bass by Sneaky of Fingathing)
13. Sleep Key (Hidden Orchestra Remix)
14. Perfect Morning (Dday One Remix)
15. The Roots (40 Winks Remix)
16. The Waterfall Inside Me (Robag´s Bad Bocklet Revolut - Robag Wruhme Remix)
17. The Branches (Sieren Remix)
18. When Children Sleep (Yoko Duo Remix)
19. Key Door (Berry Weight Remix)
20. When Children Sleep (Empt Remix)
21. Perfect Morning (Speck from CYNE Remix)
22. Blue Birds Red Flowers (A.B.S.T.R.A. Remix)

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