May 23, 2014

Akua Naru - Live & Aflame Sessions

˙Title: Live & Aflame Sessions
˙Artist: Akua Naru
˙Style: Jazz, Fusion, Soul, Hip Hop, Electronic
˙Released Date: 25 May 2012
˙Label: Jakarta Records
˙Format: CD

01. Journey Enter: Live
02. Take A Ride
03. The Backflip: Reflipped
04. Nag Champa Gold
05. Tales Of (Wo)men
06. This Mo(u)rning feat. Drea d'Nur
07. Poetry: How Does It Feel Now???
08. Walking The Block feat. Drea d'Nur
09. The Journey... Aflame
10. Rhyme Ryder's High
11. Journey Exit: Aflame

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