August 12, 2013

A Year of Jazz Jousting - Milestone

˙Title: Milestone
˙Artist: A Year of Jazz Jousting 
˙Style: Jazz Hip Hop, Soul
˙Released Date: 24 July 2013 

01.Gadget & Lady Paradox - Milestone
02.Stay Classy - Jousters, I Salute You
03.Diligent Fingers - A Love So Sweet
04.Pawcut - Clairvoyant
05.RickMal - Tributary
06.Mr. Moods - Bouillabaisse
07.Es-K - eNseMbLe LooP ft. Grant Green Stan Getz and Nancy Wilson
08.B 3 N B i - Time Flies (Thank You)
09.Bones The Beat Head - Jaunty Vibes
10.Joe Davies - Reminiscing
11.Jaze Baqti - Jazz Mess
12.Stay Classy - The Voice Of Nancy 

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