July 20, 2013

No Bird Sing - Plastic Lines Feat. Alicia Wiley

˙Title:Plastic Lines Feat. Alicia Wiley
˙Artist: No Bird Sing
˙Style: Hip Hop, Rap
˙Released Date: 01 September 2009
˙Label: Milkdipper

The photo album is filled with pictures and strips of negative space
Clean enough to see the seams ‘ plain as daylight on our faces
Easier to trace the constellation beauty marks when all your brightest poses
aren’t used to life outside the dark
Lose yourself

Drift to that horizon line where sirens find a place that’s safe enough to lose their voices crying
Exits winding ‘ complex and all the lines can bend
Footsteps like minute hands that ride the spiral til it ends
Could it be that we were both lost?
Impatiently tossed out
We need to be found before we hit the ground
I closed my eyes ‘ stopped my heart from beating mid-stream
like maybe you would come back to me if I stopped breathing
You love the withered roses
I hold you in my arms
You kiss my fingertips and rest your head inside my palm
It seemed so simple inside the walls we built to keep the sun from seeping in

Chorus (Alicia Wiley):
We were lost in the distance
Plastic lines brought us back

Chorus {Joe Horton):
Plastic lines are sharp as knives
They’ll cut your heart and bleed it dry
Hear a secret ‘ Tell a lie
Touch the morning ‘ Kiss the sky

If you were lost in a city in the sky
I would carry my wings in my back pocket and fly
forget to walk and then try to touch my tongue to the tip of the sun
like nobody ever told me that it couldn’t be done

Chorus (Alicia Wiley):
We were lost in the distance
Plastic lines brought us back

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