April 07, 2012

Yeiv - Escape from Reality (Free EP)

˙Title: Escape from Reality
˙Artist: Yeiv
˙Style: Jazz Hip-hop, Rap,Chillout, Hip-hop instrumental
˙Released Date: 2012.04.04
˙Format: Mp3

01.Birth of a New Tale
04.Escape from Reality   
05.Wandering Spirit
07.Make it rain
08.Seed of Life (Nujabes tribute)

Yeiv, an 16 years old french hip hop producer,
inspired by a lot of dope artists like Nujabes, Nomak,Tokimonsta, Blazo, Avens...
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Artist : Yeiv
Cover's Phorograph : Emma Chang (hihimusic.blogspot.com)
Typographie : Opak from Eretik Crew (www.eretik.fr)

I really appreciate to Yeiv who invited me to join this project.
Here is my Feed in Instagram
He uses dew and sunlight to weave amazing melody, the most simple and pure way to capture the golden beauty of nature.Through his music, you can feel his beautiful soul and great discernment of our daily life. Hope you can show some love for him. PEACE.

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